• Soft-n-Dry T-Bar Water Blade (11")

The baby brother to the Original Waterblade. Featuring an eleven inch silicone blade with our patented T-bar edge.

Due to the shorter height of this model, it doesn’t wrap around curvy surfaces as well as the Classic Waterblade or Superflex Waterblade, but is fantastic for small cars, flat surfaces and especially windows. Features a soft, medical grade silicone blade just like all of our products.

Guaranteed not to scratch with fifteen times less friction than a terrycloth towel. Removes over 90% of the standing water in one quarter the time. With a water blade and a good microfiber towel for touch up, your car will be spot free in no time.

We use the Soft-n-Dry on our cars to rid the windows of dew before pulling out of the driveway in the morning (not ALL cars are kept in a garage you know!) In fact, Samantha uses this to clear the INSIDE of the windshield when her classic `61 Falcon’s defroster takes too long to warm up. Keep a Soft-n-Dry Water Blade under your seat or drop it in a door panel for ready access.

Soft-n-Dry is also the perfect product for kitchens, windows, mirrors and baths so your wife will stop stealing the one you use for the cars.

More Uses: Painters love the water blade for quick evaluation of the surface they’ve been wet sanding. In order to make sure you’ve worked out all the orange peel, you need a dry surface. So a quick rinse with a squirt bottle, blade it off and in about 10 seconds you have a perfectly dry surface to evaluate.

More Uses: I personally keep one of these next to my drill press for use on the workbench instead of a bristle brush. Totally immune to cutting fluids and other lubricants and sharp metal shavings don’t get stuck to it. Cleaning up the workbench is a breeze.

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Soft-n-Dry T-Bar Water Blade (11")

  • $17.70