This PRODUCT is NOT for EVERYONE.   It does overstate some of it's claims, I think however it may still be useful to some people.  IT DOES NOT DO A GOOD JOB of HIDING scratches on your vehicle from the reviews.

Many Poor Reviews found here:  (6 out of 10 on this review only because it does give it a protective layer but can make it look UGLY or WORSE)

DuPont™ Pro-Fusion Color™ Scratch Repair Stick is the fast repair for scratches, nicks and dings in your car, bike, boat or other painted surfaces with clear coat finish.  It is easy to get a professional  looking scratch repair at a fraction of the cost of a traditional auto body shop repair.  The DuPont™ Pro-Fusion Color™ Scratch Repair Stick is an instant finish fixer that fills in scratches in the clear coat finish.  The instant finish fixer that fills in scratches in the clear coat finish and protects and restores your car's clear coat finish to a like-new shine.  DuPont™ Pro-Fusion Color™ Scratch Repair Stick works like a magic pencil to put on an activated clear-coat shine that erases scratches in the clear coat finish. 

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DuPont™ Pro-Fusion Color™ Scratch Repair Stick

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